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Entrepreneur Spotlight: M&D Real Estate

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A Vision Born from Necessity

M&D Real Estate stands as a testament to the power of vision, integrity, and community-focused service. The M&D in the name stands for Misty and Danny. Founded by Danny Perez, this full-service real estate firm has swiftly risen to prominence, being voted the #1 Real Estate Agency in Rockwall County and the #2 Best Place to Work by the Herald Banner in 2023.

From Oil and Gas to Real Estate

Danny Perez’s journey to establishing M&D Real Estate began in the oil and gas industry. “I was working in oil and gas exploration and wanted to diversify into real estate,” Danny recalls. His initial foray as an investor highlighted a significant gap in quality representation, prompting him to get his real estate license. “I realized there was a void of service for quality representation. I decided to become an agent and then built a real estate team within a local brokerage.”

Setting New Standards in Real Estate

What sets M&D Real Estate apart is its unwavering commitment to values such as integrity, loyalty, and sacrifice. Danny emphasizes, “We do not just recruit any agent. We’re looking for agents who align with our values. There is an accountability standard of five-star service and ongoing training to help agents become better fiduciaries for their clients.”

Ensuring ethical, client-focused service is a cornerstone of M&D’s operations. Through rigorous training, robust systems, and comprehensive support, each agent is empowered to prioritize client needs. “All of our training is simulcast to each office to keep everyone moving in the same direction with the same standard,” Danny explains.

Innovative Marketing for Maximum Exposure

M&D Real Estate’s innovative marketing solutions are another key to their success. The firm boasts a full in-house marketing team specializing in high-end photography, creative social media campaigns, and extensive digital advertising. “We provide our clients with marketing activity reports so they can see the reach and impressions they’re getting across sites and social media, helping them make informed decisions on their listing,” Danny shares.

Expanding the Vision

The vision for M&D Real Estate extends beyond Rockwall. Danny has ambitious plans to revolutionize the real estate industry through relationships and cutting-edge marketing. “We envision having offices across the country. Our goal is to disrupt the real estate industry through systems and accountability,” he states. This vision has already seen success with the opening of offices in Forney and Royse City, and plans for further expansion are well underway.

Values at the Core

Danny’s entrepreneurial journey is rooted in a deep personal commitment to values. “My personal values are God, family, and then work. These values permeate everything we do here at M&D Real Estate,” he says. This philosophy not only guides his leadership but also fosters a supportive work environment where employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Personal Life and Business Success

Outside of work, Danny enjoys spending time with his family at the lake and mountain biking. These activities recharge him and contribute to his overall well-being and success. Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Danny shares a crucial lesson from his time in the oil and gas industry: “In 2008, I had tremendous success, but the following year, I nearly filed for bankruptcy. I learned more about business during those three years than ever before. Now, I ensure multiple streams of income for stability.”

Balancing Family and Business

Balancing the demands of running a successful firm with family life is achieved through a mindset of prioritizing family. “Without my family, I have nothing,” Danny acknowledges, crediting his wife Misty for her unwavering support.

A Community Pillar

M&D Real Estate is not just a business; it’s a community pillar, driven by a visionary leader who values relationships, ethical service, and continuous innovation. As Danny Perez and his team continue to grow, they remain dedicated to transforming the real estate landscape and delivering exceptional service to their clients.

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