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Rockwall County Experiences Surging Housing Growth: A Closer Look

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Rockwall County, Texas, is experiencing a remarkable surge in housing growth, as indicated by recent data and reports from reputable sources such as, the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and The Texas Tribune. This surge encompasses various aspects of the housing market, from mortgage applications to existing home sales, with profound implications for the local community.

According to, new home mortgage applications in Rockwall County saw a substantial increase of nearly 16% year over year in February. This surge in applications reflects a growing demand for new housing options within the county. Additionally, data from the Rockwall Housing Statistics reveals a significant rise in active listings, with the number jumping from 564 on March 1 to 599 by March 26. Among these listings, 229 are new builds, indicating a robust construction activity in the area.

The median list price for homes in Rockwall County has also seen a notable uptick, rising from $499,900 at the beginning of the month to $537,735. This increase suggests a strong seller’s market and growing property values within the county.

Furthermore, the housing growth is not just confined to new constructions but also includes existing home sales. The NAR reports that existing home sales in Rockwall County experienced the strongest monthly growth in a year, with a 9.5% increase in February. Despite a slight year-over-year decline of 3.3%, this surge in sales reflects a positive trend in the local housing market.

The population growth accompanying the housing boom is evident, with Rockwall County being highlighted as the second-fastest-growing county in Texas, according to The Texas Tribune. This influx of residents brings opportunities and challenges for the community, particularly concerning infrastructure and schools.

The rapid growth in population and housing demand is putting a strain on local highways and traffic congestion, as well as essential services such as water availability and utility infrastructure. Additionally, the Rockwall Independent School District (ISD) is experiencing significant enrollment growth, with projections indicating a steady increase in student numbers over the next decade.

Senior Chief Financial Officer David Carter of Rockwall ISD has shared concerning forecasts, indicating potential overcrowding in several schools within the district. However, there is reassurance in the proactive approach of the school board, which is actively planning for future growth and expansion.

Despite the challenges posed by the rapid growth, there is optimism for the future. Infrastructure projects such as the I-30 expansion are underway, aimed at alleviating traffic congestion and accommodating the increasing population. With careful planning and community support, Rockwall County can navigate through these challenges and emerge stronger.

The current housing growth in Rockwall County presents both opportunities and challenges for the local community. By leveraging data-driven insights and proactive planning, stakeholders can work together to ensure sustainable development and prosperity for all residents.

Jerry Welch, Realtor

Jerry Welch is a full-time, professional REALTORĀ® with over 17 years in real estate and specializes in helping seniors transition. He holds an SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation, which reflects his extensive education on topics such as tax laws, probate, estate planning, and equity conversion strategies. He offers relevant information on current market trends as well as being a valuable resource regarding real estate transactions. He was one of the founding members and is a past chair of the Rockwall Chamber SSA (Senior Services Alliance) Program. (972) 800 3915

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